More than 25 years of Portuguese Soul

Sporvil Ceramics is situated In the region of Alcobaça and Caldas da Rainha, the unofficial region of ceramics. It was established in 1993 and produced porcelain until 2004, when a passion for earthenware had grown so much that Sporvil decided to dedicate all its production to the manufacturing of decorative and lighting earthenware ceramics.

It is a family-oriented industry that designs, shapes and produces a variety of ceramic pieces, sold worldwide in over 30 countries. With a clear focus on quality and differentiation, Sporvil maintains partnership relationships with its clients by developing personalised and exclusive collections.

Sporvil launches collections worldwide that besides being always on top of the current and future trends, maintains the traditional Portuguese characteristics, which allows it to proudly label each and every piece as “made in Portugal”.

Ceramics Production

Pieces of handmade ceramics created.

Of our production that goes around the world.

Countries currently served by us.

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