Discover these Secret Home Decor Trends for 2020 Christmas

Every year the home decor for Christmas is different.

Every year we see trends come and go. Some people follow all these, others not so much.

Regardless of that, we will share with you our picks for…

The Christmas of 2020.

“Why is that?” you ask.

Because we are manufacturers of decorative products, and we need to always be one step ahead.

We need to predict trends not only for the current year but also for the next one.

Let’s begin with our pick for the Christmas of 2020.

Home Decor Trends for 2020 Christmas

These are our 4 picks for the next year’s Christmas.

To develop this list we considered the biggest trends of the year in terms of interiors, colors, and materials.

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1- Natural Home Decor

Thanks to the trending of sustainability and respect for the environment, these next Christmas gatherings will see a lot of natural elements.

This trend is inevitable and will take over all aspects of our lives.

This is our most confident pick, and you can expect to live it until the end of 2020. (at least!)

We are a big fan of sustainability, the use of natural elements and home decor objects that although not natural, aim for that look and to fit in with the remaining interior.

We have been developing a lot of decors and shapes that resemble the natural.

Picture credits: H&H Home



2- Metals with a twist

Metals will be seen in the interiors of 2020 to contrast with all of the remaining natural elements.

For the Christmas season though, we believe the metallic trend will become less shiny and warmer.

We predict that these metals will have this rusty and patina effect to match the remaining natural interior.


Picture credits:


3- Moody Colors

Christmas is the season of long, cold and snowy nights. (well, some more than others)

But we believe in a dark, moody Christmas.

A Christmas that will contrast with the previous ones of white, silver and bright colors.

If you think about it, it does bring a certain coziness and warmth “to the table”.


Picture credits: Georg Jensen


4- Vintage Ornaments

Above everything, Christmas is a time of tradition and family.

If you think about it, vintage is a big part of the Christmas tradition.

You probably have all these rustic and vintage ornaments somewhere in your attic.

It’s time to bring them out.

Matching these with the natural elements, the rusty metals and moody tones previously discussed, a very familiar tone will be set in your home.

Picture credits: Binnenkijken bij Harmke