Handmade decorative pottery manufacturing.

Nós fornecemos a pequenos e médios atacadistas da Europa e dos Estados Unidos cerâmica decorativa e valiosas percepções de mercado para ajudar seus negócios a venderem mais e crescerem conosco.

Lighting Pottery.

We are a lighting pottery manufacturer. Sporvil is certified by the European and UK standards in lighting. Handmade lamps have been one of our strongest products for over 25 years.

Decorative Table Vases.

Our decorative vases look the best when matched with flowers. Large, medium and small sizes. We have it all. Check our decorative flower vases online.

Handmade Ceramic Bowls.

Decorative ceramic bowls have been one of the most sold type of products since the beginning. If you are looking for a ceramic bowls manufacturer, check our collection, and you will see why these are very sought after by most of our clients.

Ceramic Figurines and Statues.

Sporvil also manufactures ceramic figurines and statues. Look through our whole collection and pick your favourite ones.