The Best Portuguese Ceramic Manufacturers To Supply Your Business

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This article will provide a brief introduction about ceramics, as well as a list of the best ceramic manufacturers and suppliers in Portugal.

Portugal has a long and rich culture of ceramics and pottery.

You can use this analysis to review and go for the best ceramics manufacturer based on your needs.

The article will help you find Portuguese companies that can design, and produce ceramics as per your specifications.

But first... what are Ceramics?

We live in a world dominated by ceramics.

From the moment our day begins to the moment we put our heads on our pillows to sleep, we are surrounded by ceramic products all day.

Our homes are made from cement, brick, and glass.

We check the time on a quartz wall clock as soon as we wake up and freshen up in ceramic tiled bathrooms. We take our breakfast in cups and bowls made from porcelain.

At the office, each equipment that you use includes micro-chips made of ceramic materials. Dinner again used porcelain utensils and glass goblets.

You watched some TV or checked social media on your phone.

These all have glass and micro-chips.

You finally hit the bed and set an alarm on your quartz table clock for the next day. We live each day without even noticing the various forms of ceramics we use.

Have we stopped to ask exactly what ceramics mean? Ceramics is one word with so many meanings. It encapsulates diverse materials such as porcelain, tiles, bricks, pottery, glass, cement, graphite and diamond. The list is comprehensive but these all have one thing in common; these are all ceramics.

Portugal is famous all over the world for the top quality handicrafts its artisans produce even today.

These include handicrafts made of copper, silver, gold, porcelain, and china. Local craftsmen work hard on leather goods with hand, ceramics, woodcarvings, cork products, crystal and glass products, and even hand embroideries and tapestries. Even today, skilled craftsmen use modern forms of art to design pottery that still reflects the rich cultural heritage of Portugal.

Best Ceramic Manufacturers in Portugal

The following list will allow you to find the best ceramic manufacturers based on their specialty and type of product.

It includes Portugal’s most specialized ceramic manufacturing companies.

You will find companies for the moust sought-after type of ceramics, such as:

  • Decorative and lighting;
  • Tableware and kitchenware;
  • Cultural utilitarian and decorative ceramics;
Let’s start…

Sporvil - Decorative and Lighting Ceramics Manufacturer

Established in 1993, Sporvil focuses all its production on decorative and lighting earthenware ceramics. Years of experience have created unique expertise and specialization of its team, besides Portugal, its designs and unparalleled ceramics are sold worldwide in over 30 countries, which makes the company a worldwide brand. Without a lot of market research and knowledge about home decor and interior trends, this would not be possible. Sporvil has a proven track record in making the highest quality products of decorative and lighting earthenware. Even though all its production is handmade, Sporvil mass-produces its ceramics, to supply all its clients. Every month tens of thousands of new products are shipped to all 4 corners of the world. You can learn more about the company by clicking here.
decorative and lighting ceramics

Vista Alegre – Best Kitchenware and Tableware Manufacturer

Vista Alegre is one of oldest porcelain manufacturers still in activity.

It was established in 1824.

The company is based in the area of Aveiro, Portugal. The founder of Vista Alegre “Pinto Basto” was inspired by the Marinha Grande glass manufacturing factory and along these lines chose to make a glass, glass porcelain, and chemical processes plant.

From 1832, the Vista Alegre concentrated on idealizing porcelain, arriving at a brilliant period in the nineteenth century. The company now trade its items to more than 60 countries around the world.

They produce very nearly 15 million pieces per year, including ornamental porcelain, precious stone pieces, dinnerware, and barware.

Vista Alegre is able to join the tradition with innovation that is the reason they keep on being a pioneer for porcelain, in Portugal, as well as for the rest of the world.

Vista Alegre offers a wide range of kitchenware arts including crystal and glass, as well as cutlery, fit to all events, styles, and needs.

Vista alegre fabric

Bordallo Pinheiro- Best Artistic and Cultural Ceramics Manufacturer

Bordallo Pinheiro was established in 1884 in Caldas da Rainha, under the name “Fábrica de Faianças das Caldas da Rainha” (The Earthenware Factory of Caldas da Rainha).

The company has been, for over a century, responsible for the unique designs of the gallery of decorative and utilitarian ceramic pieces that have become an incredible aesthetic reference.

This Artistic Earthenware company was made with a purpose to renew traditional ceramics arts, crossing them with the advancement of several styles that foresee the future, in any case, most importantly, with the originality of its maker, Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro.

Along these lines, the company introduced the creative production of pieces that are, until today, indistinguishable from our creative mind and the cultural references of the universal nature.

While still utilizing the most of the hundreds of years old procedures in the proliferation of models, the Bordallo Pinheiro factory keeps on recouping a vital inheritance.

Simultaneously, and energized by the equivalent pioneering soul, Bordallo Pinheiro is an inventive company, making contemporary items and improving its value in the different markets where the brand is available.

Bordallo Pinheiro ceramics Portugal